How we process and use your data

Data protection is very important to us, as is your peace of mind.

This is our Data Collection and Fair Processing Notice. Please read it so you are fully informed.

Your Data

We hold up to three pieces of your at work personal data:

Fair and Legal Processing of Your Data

We process your data in line with all relevant laws including the UK's Data Protection Act (DPA), the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the ePrivacy Directive.

The GDPR states that there are a number of grounds we may use to legally process your personal data. We have chosen to process your data under Article 6(1)f - Legitimate Interest.

In order to rely on this as a processing ground we had to conduct a significant and stringent 'Legitimate Interests Assessment' which examines our legitimate interests and balances them against your rights, freedoms and interests.

How We Process Your Data

1. Collection and Storage

Your data is collected by our in-house UK team of data managers from publicly available sources (your school website, local government websites, Ofsted reports, and the UK government's published database of schools and head teachers). It is stored in secure databases on secure servers in secure data centres, both in the UK and the EU.

We only keep your data for as long as we believe it to be accurate and up to date. We'll remind you periodically of your rights regarding your data and to update your preferences to ensure that it is kept up to date.

2. Suppression

All the data we process is marked as either ‘active’, ‘unsubscribed’, or ‘closed’. If you opt-out from receiving communications from us you'll be marked as 'unsubscribed'. If you leave your school you'll be marked as 'closed'. This enables us to ensure your data is not included in any further processing. Of course, if you'd prefer that we don't hold your data for these suppression purposes you can ask us to erase your data which we would do immediately.

3. Postal and Email Marketing and Information Campaigns

We send occasional postal and email correspondence to teachers at their schools. This correspondence is always relevant to the job role, educational, and provides real educational value to the students or commercial benefit to the school.

Sometimes we apply email tracking to the emails we send to help us measure two things: whether an email is opened, and what links are clicked. We do this by adding a 1px image in each email (called a beacon) and adding some unique (harmless) tracking code to the links in the email. We implement tracking to ensure our emails are effective and provide you with educational value and benefit.

In some instances we may provide a partner with your name, job role, and at work email address if you have interacted with the email they sponsored by downloading images and/or clicking on a link in the email. This is so they can make contact with you in the future should they need to. You can see an up to date list of these partners here.

4. Make it available in our education software

Some of our clients subscribe to our education software which contains information about the education sector e.g. UK school details and the names of staff, job roles, and at-work school emails at those schools. They use this information to help them run their education business/charity/agency.

Your Right to Object to Processing

You have a legal right to withdraw consent for the processing of your data and you can also request it to be erased at any time; we'll honour that immediately, no questions asked. You can do this through any of the following channels:

You can also opt out of any or all of the data processing we do by managing your preferences here.

Your Right to Complain

If you wish to complain about the way we process your data we'll do everything in our power to help. You should, in the first instance, contact Guy Lewis at or write to us at:

Sprint Media Limited
B1 The Courtyard
Tewkesbury Business Park
GL20 8GD

If you feel we've not been fair and honoured your consent withdrawal, or erased your data if you've asked, or not dealt with your complaint fairly and reasonably, you have the right to complain to the UK's Information Commissioner's Office. Their details can be found on their website here:

More Information

You can find more information about how we take your privacy seriously in our Privacy Policy.